MM Hill shrine earns Rs 3.7 cr during Maha Shivaratri jatra

Even the jatra mahotsava, celebrated by February 20 attracted on lakhs of devotees from the other side of their country.  The devotees commenced off coming it self.  The mountain shrine was seen by Significantly more than just seven persons it is projected.
Authority secretary Jayavibhavaswamy mentioned,"The earnings via laddus has been 1.05 crore.  About Shivaratri evening , 1,17,500 laddus ended up sold"
Man Mahadeshwara temple at Hanur taluk, Chamarajanagar district, which has since recently made a list earnings of Rs 3.7 crore, throughout Mahashivaratri Jatra, which was renowned a week.

But this doesn't incorporate the set out of your presenting bins (hundi).  The total accumulated in the selling of all'laddus' by yourself is just really a large Rs 1.05 crore.

Throughout this time scale, 6,20,500 laddus are sold Overall.  Approximately 30,000 laddus had been spread as prasada Although, 5,02,500 laddus ended up sold into devotees.  Laddus had been spread into people performing sevas.  Just about every laddu has been marketed at Rs 20.
 This consists of set from parking price, sevas plus entry payment that is distinctive.

Even the set is going to be stored depending on resources.  The previous year group (20-19 ) has been 2.57 crore.

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