Umrah pilgrimage suspended for Saudi citizens too

In contrast to the Haj, that will be compulsory for people completed in a period and , the Umrah comprises only a few of the rituals of the pilgrimage, may be performed anytime plus is discretionary.
Riyadh: right after banning Umrah for thieves, Saudi Arabian governments have suspended the discretionary pilgrimage to Makkah and Madinah because of a unique citizens and taxpayers in an effort to prevent spread of coronavirus, stories on Wednesday.
Their country press declared Your choice, the BBC reported,'' including that it employs the realm listed its coronavirus instance - some man who'd belonged the epicentre of this disorder from the area, into Iran.

Inside Ministry Official Supply: Suspension of Umrah Briefly for Citizens.
Islamic governments long the ban on nationals of all both Gulf nations around the world and had prohibited pilgrims.

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